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“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”

I have been busy this week with my Turner family research. I have been reviewing each person in my Family Tree Legends database and making sure that all sources are in place and correctly documented. I have also been adding images to each person’s file. As I go from one person to another, I occasionally …

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Sooner or later, it had to happen. What had to happen, you say? “Kissin’ cousins”, that’s what. Last night I discovered a couple of not-too-far-off ancestors who were first cousins…and married. Seems the oldest daughter of John Joseph Turner married the 4th child of John Joseph Turner’s sister, Edna Lenora Turner Matthews. That would make …

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I have been studying my Turner ancestors from DeKalb Co, TN and Hill Co, TX. Isaac and Sarah Turner had 14 children (ouch!), and not all survived to adulthood. As I have been researching each of those 14 children, I suddenly realized something. Take a look at the timeline for Sarah Sharpe Vance Turner: Look …

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Not a Yankee technically, but he was a member of the 4th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry, United States Army! I’m talking about my 2nd great-grandfather Isaac Turner. Lesson: Never Assume Anything! I have never considered the possibility that my ancestors, the vast majority from Southern states, could have fought for the Union. Never gave it …

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After a couple days of investigating, trying out and moving over to Family Tree Legends, this morning I got back to actual research with the Francis Turner Family of DeKalb County, Tennessee. Nothing new or exciting, just organizing what I already have and then documenting it all into my database.


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