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Thanks again, Randy!

Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings blog is one of my favorites. Why? Because he always has something that you can use. Now. Today. No pre-ordering needed!

Case in point: yesterday’s blog post, Devier J. Smith in 1880 Agricultural Census. Somewhere in the back of my dusty and cob-webby brain I remembered that Ancestry has some “agricultural” census schedules, but I’ve never checked them out.

Ok, I’ve got oodles of Texas farmers in my tree, so let’s see what I can find among the Selected U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, 1850-1880.

Isaac Turner was my second great-grandfather and a farmer in rural Hill County, Texas in the late 1800’s. And..

here he is in the 1880 Hill County Schedule 2- Products of Agriculture schedule:

IsaacTurner 1880 agri

Lots of data here… where IS my magnifying glass… :)

(Of note, there is also an Isaac Turner enumerated in neighboring Johnson County. Is this my Isaac? Don’t know, need to check that out!)

P. S. I also found another second great-grandfather, Miles Francis Stanley, in the 1880 Hill County Schedule 2- Products of Agriculture schedule. Glad I investigated this database. Thanks, Randy!

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Amanuensis Monday: The Turner Family Bible

Unfortunately, only four pages, remnants actually, remain of the Isaac Turner Family Bible. It must have been a wonderful old volume! The earliest entry is the 1855 marriage of Isaac Turner and Sarah Sharpe Vance, occurring in Cannon or DeKalb County, Tennessee.

ITBible1 ITBible2 ITBible3 ITBible4

(click on image to enlarge)

This certifies that Isaac Turner and S. S. Vance were united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony????????? 29th day of ????? in the year of our Lord 1855 in presence of      Signed:
Samuel Vance, J. B. Ellerge, S. A. Vance, M. A. Ellerge

Bettie Turner departed this life?????????

Sallie Turner departed this life??????
Mattie Turner Departed this life Dec????????

Isaac Turner was born December 28, 1827
S. S. Turner was born Feb 25, 1838
Mattie Turner was born M???1856
???? Turner was Born Nov 26 1857
? E. Turner was born Dec 13th 1???
Sallie Turner was Born Feb 14th 18??
I ? Turner was Born Feb 4th 18??
D ? Turner was Born Aug 27 18??
? ? Turner was born May 26 18??
E. L Turner was Born June 22nd 187?
J B Turner was Born Aug 21st 187?
M T Turner was Born Nov 15th 187?
(written across bottom edge of page) ? ? Turner was Born ? 25th 18??

? ? Turner & Jinnie Melton was Married May 21st 188?
E ? Wells & A E Turner was Married Decmber 23 rd 18??
(different handwriting from previous entries)
? Arthru Matthews & Edna Lea? were Married Jan 20th 1895 at First Baptist Church Abbott Tex ?? Rev. John Milton Glass

John Joseph Turner & Annie Victoria ???d were Married April 14th at the home of ??? Parents By Rev. Joe Q Hearne

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Women’s History Month, Day 11: Jennie Margaret (Melton) Turner

Jennie was the wife of my great granduncle Francis Lee Turner. Jennie & Frank were married 21 May 1882 in Hill County, Texas. Three children were born of this union: Mattie (27 June 1883), Lizzie (19 Oct 1884) and Baby Claudie (19 Apr 1887).

Jennie unexpectedly died on 21 May 1887, her 5th wedding anniversary and barely a month after Claudie’s birth.

Claudie himself died 25 Jan 1888 of unknown causes.

Apparently the loss of his beloved wife and only son just months apart was more than Frank Turner could bare. He sent his surviving girls to live with his brother John Joseph Turner, and disappeared… never to be seen again!

Jennie and Claudie are buried together in Graham-Mason Cemetery in rural Hill County, Texas.

JenMMelton stone

Oldest daughter Mattie Turner died in 1984 at age 101, and Lizzie survived until a month past her 98th birthday.