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A Variation on Family History

I haven’t been doing much in traditional genealogy the past few days. I’m continuing to cite my sources for the Stephens-McCullough family. Not much done on that, though. I did complete a project for my grandmother.
My grandmother is soon to be 90 years old. She lives in a nursing home and has decorated the wall next to her bed with oodles of family photos. When I visited her a couple of weeks ago, she wanted a picture of her old high school to add to her collection. So my brother and I have been looking everywhere. She graduated from Central High School in Ft Worth in 1933, so we didn’t know if the building even still existed! I finally found a small photo in a book of old Ft Worth post cards that I found at Border’s Books. I bought the book and scanned the photo, then hunted around the Internet to find some green (her favorite color!) graphics. I found a nice plaid, then opened up my Paint Shop Pro and created a collage of the school photo, my grandmother’s graduation photo, and her graduation announcement. It turned out really well, so I got a frame at Walmart and was off to visit Nanny. She was thrilled, and now has one more photo for her “wall of memories”!

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Where did I get that?

I spent a large part of Monday (after I got finished with jury duty) working on the Stephens-McCullough family. I have a bunch of people and a bunch of facts, but no sources! When I first started working on this family, I was just doing it for my ex-husband, who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had an advanced tumor and was not expected to survive. Well, that was over 3 yrs ago, and he’s in remission and doing fine! James only wanted to know who these people where and didn’t care about documentation. And I was busy with my own family, and didn’t care about documentation either.
So, guess what? Now I am having to go back through each person and find those sources and put them all in the database! For some reason, I’ve always had to do things the hard way! But without proof, the info is worthless.
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to retrace all my steps! Hence, “where did I get that?”