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Sentimental Sunday: Christmas at Nanny and Granddad’s house

Sentimental Sunday presents me with the opportunity to share some of my favorite pix from my Mom’s old red photo album. This album was given to me by my Dad several years after my Mom’s death. I don’t recall ever seeing it before then. Many of the photos show the tape used to secure them, and many are trimmed to fit their location in the album. This priceless (to me!) collection contains some wonderful old photographs of family and friends gone but never forgotten.

page 5j

Christmas 1964: My brother, me, my cousin and my grandfather, Miles Francis Stanley II.

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Sentimental Sunday: 1958 edition!

the fam

This photo is from my Mom’s old red photo album, ca 1958. How do I know the date? That scrawny little baby in the middle is me!

I’m not 100% sure of who everyone is here, but I’ll try (Hey Kerry, if you see this, is that you and your Mom & Dad?)…

Far left standing: my Uncle Troy and my brother Ricky

Standing right: my Aunt Kathy, my great-uncle Bill and my grandmother

Sitting: my grandfather Miles Francis Stanley II, my Aunt Jan, my brother Terry (child), my Mom, me (scrawny baby), my great-grandmother Marie Carrico Kennedy Stanley, my cousin Kerry, my great-aunt Hattie