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Her crowning glory?

Well, I guess it blocks a bit of sun, at least:

This lady is my third great-grandmother, Susan William Lee Martin Kennedy. She was the wife of Dr Nathan Blunt Kennedy, one of my Civil War surgeon ancestors. I guess as the spouse of a prominent physician in the Hill County, Texas of the 1800′s, Mrs. Kennedy felt the need for fancy attire for her head!

The lady of the right is my great-grandmother, Mary Tennessee Turner. This photo is from about 1910. Mary is here with a couple of close cousins. Girls Night Out!

Another photo of Mary Tennessee Turner, here as a Woman of Mystery!

I don’t want to seem a sexist, so here is a photo of my great-grandfather, Charles Arthur Rogers:

“Bubba” Rogers was a railroad man all of his life, so he certainly knew the value of a good straw hat!

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A very interesting find

While searching the 1860 Federal Census for Lauderdale County, Mississippi looking for Susan Martin, I found a 2nd enumeration for Dr John F Kennedy! I had previously found him listed with his brother, Dr Sidney P Kennedy and his family, living in Beat No 2 in Lauderdale County. In the second mention, also in Beat 2, he is listed alone. I’m thinking the first was his medical practice location:

John F Kennedy, 1860 enumeration #1

the second his private residence:

John F Kennedy 1860 #2

Anyway, I have finished with Beat 1 & Beat 2, and am on page 11 of Beat 3.