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Meet my Daddy!

I was searching through’s U. S. City Directories collection, looking for a great-uncle when I came across… MY DAD! This 1949 listing is one of the earliest “non-family” (family pix, documents, etc) references to my dad that I have found.



Only 20 years old, a mere babe! Hadn’t even met Mom, yet.

I’m not quite sure what a “mtcemn” is… maybe a maintenance man…

(A little further down the page is my grandfather and step-grandmother, Victor E & Agnes Hall.)

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Daily Journal 10 Nov 2009: I love my Baby Dell!

My 10″ netbook, that is!

This morning I had to take my little Honda in to the dealership for her 50,000 mile routine maintenance. Since the waiting room has free wifi, I took my laptop with me and was able to get a lot of genealogy maintenance done. Little stuff, but still needed to be done.

I also got a lot of images uploaded to my ZenPhoto Gallery. I’m in the process of moving all of my images from Flickr to ZenPhoto, so if you’re looking for something in particular, check both places. Flickr link to the left, ZenPhoto Gallery tabbed at top of page.

I’m also finished with Delbert Eugene Hall and all of his wives! There have got to be some fat-cat lawyers (or their descendants) in Tarrant County, Texas, courtesy of my ancestors!

P.S. Also added Tombstone Tuesday with a photo of my Uncle Mike’s headstone. Mike Stanley died in a tragic and totally avoidable gun accident at age 14, only 3 days before Christmas.

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Daily Journal 8 Nov 2009: Will they ever learn?

A short genealogy day today. A little after work and now I’m fixin’ to watch the Eagles-Cowboys game.

I’m finished with Dovie for now and next is her oldest son, my great-uncle Delbert Eugene Hall…uh-oh…surely not…you gotta be kiddin’ me…!

Would you believe 4 wives and a total of 7 kids for my Uncle Gene Hall? I got this info from an “online cousin” (first cousin once removed, in fact), but since she and her brother are 2 of Gene’s seven kids, I feel like it’s probably fairly accurate. This is the lady who sent me the pix of my grandfather Victor Earl Hall and his mom, Dovie, and also 2 images of Gene.

I already knew from my Dad that Gene had several wives, so I’m not totally surprised.

Of course, I want to find verifiable sources for all these folks, and to that end I have already located several birth, census, military and death sources. It’s just gonna take awhile to get all this stuff documented. So many people…