Notes from the past…

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A few blog changes…

My journey through my RootsMagic database is moving along quite nicely. Maybe too nicely…

I have gone through 4 of the 13 original pages of my ancestor list. A few wonderful surprises and a major sense of accomplishment. For each and every ancestor page that I have reviewed, I have completed the source page for every fact (with only a few “special” situations exempted). I have uploaded tons of images to my Picasa Web Albums and reorganized the genealogy files on my hard drive.

But, you can only look at so many census pages and marriage indexes. To be honest, the journey was getting kinda boring. I needed to shake things up a bit.

To this end, I have modernized my blog template and created a few new pages, including Ahnentafel and Surname pages for handy reference.

The biggest change is the addition of a Select Biographies page. It is here that I plan to write the histories of my “direct line” ancestors, derived from the data that I have acquired through diligent research. These are intended to be more in-depth life stories of each person than what the typical “Individual Summary” might produce.

The subject of my first Select Biography is Miles Chappell, my 4th great-grandfather. Please stop by and meet him!

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Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces (meme)

On Thomas’s Destination: Austin Family:

Craig Manson over at Geneablogie has started a new meme which I think is important since it gets the surnames in my genealogy research info out into the blogosphere.  As Craig put it:

“List the surnames you are researching and the general localities. Then tell the names of your “Most Wanted Ancestors,” that is, the ones you most want to find behind that brickwall.”

Great idea!

My Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces:

HALL surname: Kansas (Shawnee County)>Texas (Cooke County)

McBURNETT surname: Georgia (Carroll County)>Texas (Milam County)

CARR surname: Alabama (Marengo County)>Texas (San Saba County)

CARROLL surname: North Carolina>Texas (San Saba County)

STANLEY surname: Alabama (Tuscaloosa County) >Texas (Hill County)

CARRICO surname: Missouri (Stoddard County) >Texas (Hill County) >New Mexico (Lea County)

ROGERS surname: Kentucky (Montgomery County) >Texas (Tarrant County)

TURNER surname: Tennessee (DeKalb/Cannon County)> Texas (Hill County)

DIXON surname: Alabama (Marengo County)

BENNETT surname: Texas (Williamson/San Saba/Brady Counties)

KENNEDY surname: Alabama (Sumter County) >Texas (Hill County)

DAVIS surname: Alabama (Tuscaloosa County) >Texas (Hill County)

TURNEY surname: Tennessee (DeKalb County)

VANCE surname: Tennessee (Wilson/DeKalb/Cannon Counties)

CHAPPELL surname: Virginia >Alabama (Fayette/Tuscaloosa Counties)

MOST WANTED ANCESTOR #1: William Earl HALL, my paternal great-grandfather, born about 1888, possibly Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. Married Dovie C McBurnett, 22 Jan 1906, Ardmore County, Oklahoma. Living in Gainesville, Cooke, Texas when my grandfather was born. Worked for the railroad. Believed to have died before 1917 in railroad accident, location unknown. William and/or Dovie were believed to be of Chickasaw descent (mariage listed Chickasaw Nation Marriages 1895-1907: HALL, W E 22 McBURNETT, DOVIE 18 22 JAN 1906 TX,GAINESVILLE/ARDMORE J©57).

MOST WANTED ANCESTOR #2: Joseph ROGERS, my maternal 2nd great-grandfather, very little is known about Joseph, possibly born Kentucky, 1840-1850′s, married Susan Hannah Knox,  died in Kentucky when my great-grandfather Charles Arthur Rogers was a child.