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Daily Journal 11 Nov 2009

Finished up with Harrison Wardlow McBurnett and started on his wife, Margaret C Brown. I’ve never really looked into her life too much, so there is a lot of work to be done with Margaret.

Created an image and posted Wordless Wednesday: Veterans Day. Good timing!

When I started reviewing each and every person in my database a couple of months ago, I really kinda thought that, although not truly wasting time, it would be a lot of busy work that would keep me from “new” research efforts. As it has turned out, that is far from the case. For almost every ancestor that I have reviewed so far, I have found out new information and found new sources. It’s like knowing your next-door neighbor’s last name vs knowing her first name, all of her kids’ names, where she works and what she likes to do. It’s been pretty interesting!