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Need a Direct-Line Ancestor report?

I do. I need a list of my direct-line ancestors only, no siblings or kids. Why?

A few months ago, I created a wiki at PBWorks where I can document my in-depth research on my direct-line ancestors. To be able to do this, I needed to create a report containing my direct-line ancestors only. No siblings, no kids, no in-laws. Just the direct line.

I started to populate my wiki, one name at a time, drawn from my RootsMagic database. By hand. One at a time. A slow and potentially mistake-ridden process.

So I have been trying to figure out how to create a RootsMagic report that would suffice. Couldn’t figure it out on my own, so I started to search the ‘Net. Didn’t take long to find Midge Frazel’s 3-part posting. Well-written with simple step-by-step instructions. Even some help from RootsMagic guru Bruce Buzbee!

Here’s part of my report, first a detailed list (click to enlarge):

Then an index of names:

Exactly what I needed! Thanks Midge and Bruce!


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My research wiki

For several months now, I have been methodically reviewing my database, updating each person and adding sources. In some cases, people that don’t belong have even been deleted.

This task is progressing fairly well. I am now over halfway through the 13-page list. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

What will I do when I complete the list? Well, beside dancing, that is…

Do to time constraints, the majority of my research has been done online. In most cases, that has yielded satisfactory results.

But with my direct-line ancestors, I want to dig deeper. I want to know more about their everyday lives. And there’s only one way to do that:


Gonna have to turn away from my computer screen and pick up a pencil and start writing letters (I guess I could use OpenOffice for this :)).

I’ll also need to make more trips to the library and court house and to the local FamilySearch Center.

In short, I’ll have to do my work the old-fashioned way: LEGWORK!

In order to keep up with this more meticulous research, I have set-up a wiki site at PBworks. I am gradually creating pages for my direct-line ancestors. This wiki is open for viewing by everyone and if we have an ancestor in common and you would like contribute, please let me know. I welcome the collaboration!