Notes from the past…

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A bit of remodeling….

Since I began participating in Tonia’s 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog challenge, I have really been looking closely at this blog. At the behind-the-scenes action, if you will.

And what I have realized is the obvious: I need to post more often.

But there are also other things that could be done to spruce this place up a bit…

To that end, I have spent quite a bit of time on Facebook in the past couple of days. I edited my personal profile, “filling in the blanks”, sharing a little more of me with the geneasphere. Maybe you will find it interesting.

Also, Ruth’s Genealogy blog now has it’s one Facebook page. I even created my own logo! Simple but effective, I think. Please drop in and say “Hi!”

Here at home, I did a bit of renovating, too. I added my Twitter feed and a link to said Facebook page, both now found in the sidebar to the right. There is also a link in the main navigation bar to my research wiki.

Time to rest from all this carpentering work! Supposed to be 106 in Fort Worth today, don’t wanna over-exert myself in all this heat… :)

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A few blog changes…

My journey through my RootsMagic database is moving along quite nicely. Maybe too nicely…

I have gone through 4 of the 13 original pages of my ancestor list. A few wonderful surprises and a major sense of accomplishment. For each and every ancestor page that I have reviewed, I have completed the source page for every fact (with only a few “special” situations exempted). I have uploaded tons of images to my Picasa Web Albums and reorganized the genealogy files on my hard drive.

But, you can only look at so many census pages and marriage indexes. To be honest, the journey was getting kinda boring. I needed to shake things up a bit.

To this end, I have modernized my blog template and created a few new pages, including Ahnentafel and Surname pages for handy reference.

The biggest change is the addition of a Select Biographies page. It is here that I plan to write the histories of my “direct line” ancestors, derived from the data that I have acquired through diligent research. These are intended to be more in-depth life stories of each person than what the typical “Individual Summary” might produce.

The subject of my first Select Biography is Miles Chappell, my 4th great-grandfather. Please stop by and meet him!

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Your own genealogy website?

Interested in creating your own genealogy website or maybe need some great ideas for the site you already manage? Check out this post from Pat Geary at her Computer Tips & Tutorials blog:

Planning a Genealogy Website EBook 2nd Edition

Just released, Planning a Genealogy Website 2nd Edition by Pat Geary Microsoft MVP Expression Web is a FREE 42 page EBook. The EBook is a great resource for anyone who is interested in creating a genealogy website especially if you are using RootsWeb hosting. It has been revised and updated with several entirely new sections. The Table of Contents is listed below. This Ebook is FREE and my gift to the genealogy community.

I downloaded and quickly skimmed through this little gem and I am impressed! Pat really knows her stuff! At 42 pages, it is packed with valuable information on the whens, wheres and hows of creating and maintaining your genealogy website. A definite GOTTA HAVE!