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Just found this in my email!!!!

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “When can I get RootsMagic on my phone or tablet?”  The answer is, “Today!”  We’re pleased to announce the official release of RootsMagic for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch; a free companion app to our RootsMagic desktop genealogy software.

Your Family Tree at Your Fingertips

Now you can easily take and show off your family history with you wherever you go.  RootsMagic lets you carry your genealogy on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!  It’s fast, easy, and free!

We’re very excited to bring RootsMagic right to your iPhone and iPad.  Not only is this one of the most-requested features from our users, but it is the perfect next step in our mission to simplify family history.  The app provides many useful features including:

  • Access your actual RootsMagic files via iTunes or Dropbox - RootsMagic for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch uses your actual RootsMagic files- no conversion needed. You can copy as many files as you want right on your device via iTunes or Dropbox. Users of other genealogy software such as PAF, Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, and others can convert their files into viewable RootsMagic files using our free desktop software.

  • Easily search and explore your family tree - Familiar Pedigree, Family, Descendant, and Individual Views help you quickly explore your family tree. You can also search for specific people by name or record number.

  • View pictures, notes, and sources - All of your RootsMagic data is available inside the app. Touch any name to see more information about that person as well as family members. All of a person’s information is there including notes, sources, and pictures.

  • Lists - Browse lists of your information and view more information about sources, to-do items, research logs, media, addresses, repositories, correspondences, and places.

  • Tools and Calculators - useful tools to assist you in your research including a perpetual calendar, date calculator, relationship calculator, and soundex calculator.

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How to keep a document always on top on your computer’s desktop

Ever try to study a photo or transcribe a document, but find yourself having to toggle back & forth between the image and your notepad/blog/genealogy program?

A pain in the backside, ain’t it?

I found a very simple and free solution to this problem.

This morning, I was trying to transcribe the information from some of my Mom’s documents into my RootsMagic database source citations. I had several windows and programs open as I researched these documents. I was getting pretty annoyed, having to toggle back to the document in question and getting lost among all the open pages and programs.

Why can’t I have that document “always on top” on the desktop?

So I Googled my question and this is what I found:


See that red circle and the little stick pin inside? Here it is in action:


Just click on the stick pin and that image will stay on top of your desktop. Click it again to disable the pin.

How simple is that! It works with images and other programs, too, such as Evernote and Paint Shop Pro. 4t Tray Minimizer is a free download recommended by, one of my favorite tech sites. Check it out!

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The iPad Challenge: Day 3

The Challenge: use my iPad alone (no other computer) to do my genealogical research for 1 week!

5-impatient-annoyed.thumbnailLet me just start this post by stating…


That being said, let me make an observation about the iPad…


I have been working almost exclusively with my iPad 2 for the past 3 days and I think I’ve come to the end of this Challenge… or to the end of my sanity!

My conclusions:

  1. The iPad alone can be used for online genealogical research and records and database management.
  2. The iPad needs an option to be able to disable finger gestures and use a mouse or similar device.

I will definitely take my iPad with me on my next research trip. It is small and light-weight and can easily be carried in a backpack or large purse. Any images or documents that I find can easily be saved via Evernote or photographed with the iPad’s camera. Using Splashtop 2, I can connect to my home desktop computer via wi-fi (if available) to have access to those records.

I’m still hoping to see the iOs version of RootsMagic sometime in the near future.

For me, the iPad doesn’t work well for daily online genealogical research. It is just too slow, or I am just too slow, or both.

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