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And the winner is…

I want an iPad! I want an iPad!

Who wouldn’t want an iPad???

It’s been a tremendous last few months here at RootsMagic. We’ve been busy with the new releases of Personal Historian 2 and RootsMagic 5. We’re also excited to participate in one of the largest genealogy events in North America- RootsTech!

We want to celebrate these momentous events with you, our loyal users! And what better way to celebrate than with a treasure hunt where you could win one of many prizes including an iPad 2!

Online Treasure Hunt

We’ve partnered with 15 of the best and brightest genealogy bloggers who will be reporting at the RootsTech conference. Each blogger will place one of 15 clue words on their website

From Thursday, February 2 through Wednesday, February 8, 2012, visit for a complete list of the blogs where the 15 clue words can be found. Visit each blog, collect all 15 clue words, and you could win software, prizes, or an iPad 2!

Enter at RootsTech or at Home

Once you’ve collected the clues there are two ways to enter. The first is at the RootsTech conference itself. Pick up an entry card at the RootsMagic booth (#224) in the Exhibit Hall. Write the clue words on the back of the card and return it to the RootsMagic booth in the Exhibit Hall by Saturday, February 4 at 1:20 pm. At that time, we will hold the prize drawings. You must be present to win.

We didn’t want those who aren’t able to attend RootsTech in person to feel left out so we’re holding a second drawing and giving away more prizes including a second iPad 2. To enter this drawing, visit anytime between Thursday, February 2 and midnight MST on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. Fill out the online form to be entered into the second drawing. You may enter both drawings but one entry per person, per drawing. Winners will be picked at random and notified via e-mail by Friday, February 10, 2012.

Remember, the treasure hunt doesn’t begin until this Thursday. Good luck!

What fun!

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First use of RootsMagic 5′s new CountyCheck feature

I upgraded to RootsMagic 5 a few weeks ago, and today I had the first occasion to use a new feature called CountyCheck:


  • Automatically checks every county you enter (US, Canada, UK, Australia) to verify that it actually existed at the time of the event
  • Report gives you a list of all events in counties which didn’t exist at the time
  • Lets you access maps and county histories for the US, Canada, UK, and Australia

As I have been reviewing/researching/updating everyone in my datebase, CountyCheck pops up with each saved fact (if it has a location in it). At first I thought this was a bit annoying, but I decided to leave it active, because I knew sooner or later I’d run into a discrepancy.

That discrepancy just presented itself. The wife of a Bennett 2GGU was born in 1879 in “Cache County, Utah”, according to cemetery records. This I had previously entered into my RootsMagic 4 database. One problem: Utah didn’t become a state until 1896 (which I neglected to check first). So now, RootsMagic 5′s CountyCheck has corrected my earlier entry:

Notice the “Utah Territory”? Pretty neat!

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I just downloaded the RootsMagic 5 upgrade for my database… and I am already tickled silly!

The first thing that I did when I opened my database in the upgraded RootsMagic 5 was to re-index (re-number!) my database. Sounds like a simple thing, but it’s a BIG DEAL to me! As I’ve been going through the database ancestor-by-ancestor, there have been several folks that didn’t belong for one reason or another and were “tossed”. The problem that my little housecleaning mania is creating is that there are now confusing gaps in the RIN numbering system that RootsMagic uses. Sometimes several numbers-worth of a gap!

But not anymore!

I simply went to:

File>Database Tools>Rebuild Indexes

Click and Presto!

My entire database is now renumbered with no more confusing gaps!