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Meet my Daddy!

I was searching through’s U. S. City Directories collection, looking for a great-uncle when I came across… MY DAD! This 1949 listing is one of the earliest “non-family” (family pix, documents, etc) references to my dad that I have found.



Only 20 years old, a mere babe! Hadn’t even met Mom, yet.

I’m not quite sure what a “mtcemn” is… maybe a maintenance man…

(A little further down the page is my grandfather and step-grandmother, Victor E & Agnes Hall.)

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Great idea, Randy!

Randy over at Genea-Musings posted today about using Google to search for his grandparents’ home.

Ok, maybe I can try that with my 2GGF Miles Francis Stanley’s home in Mineral Wells, Texas. You may recall that I showed a picture of the house, taken ca 1910, for yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday entry:

Stanley home Grandview, TX view a

Into Google’s search field went the terms “915 N W 4th Ave mineral wells tx”. This is the address that is on Miles Stanley’s death certificate:


The first search result:


Which lead me to this page:


The “A” balloon is my 2GGF’s house! Unfortunately, that’s as close as I could get:


Curses! The next hit led me to this page at The Portal to Texas History:


There’s my 2GGF’s house again, this time in 1976!

Stanley home Grandview, TX view a house8

Hey, Portal to Texas History, you forgot to mention my second great-grandfather, Miles Francis Stanley, who owned the home ca 1910-1935!

And guess what? The house is currently for sale! Anybody got an extra $325,000 that I could borrow?