Notes from the past…

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Sorry that I have been neglecting you

But for the past week, I have been absolutley miserable with allergies! The ragweed in Texas is exceptionally high this year, and I wake up with my eyes glued shut most mornings. That, plus sneezing, snotting, itching, coughing..all of which has lead to a sinus infection from you-know-where. Yesterday, I spent the entire day passed out (or at least trying to be) on my couch. then I had to go to work in the evening and was yucky the whole time. So, today I traded with my boss and I’m off today. Dr Peppers don’t even taste good, so you know there’s something wrong with me!

At any rate, I haven’t posted or done much of anything else lately. When I got up this morning, I checked my Google Reader and had 111 feeds to check out! That took an hour or so, but I think I’m caught up, for the moment.

I missed Wordless Wednesday and Carnival of Genealogy. But I’m gonna cheat with Wordless Wednesday…

I have been working some on Mom’s Red Photo Album, over halfway done now!

I’m gonna try to get back into the swing of things. I’m not gonna let Ragweed rule my life!

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And where have I been?

Oh, I’ve been around, just not blogging for a few days.

I’ve been working on my Mom’s Red Photo Album, I’m trying to do at least 2 pages/day. Gotta pace myself, don’t want to hit the wall, you know!

Last week I also got a RAOGK request for a cemetery photo here in Tarrant County, TX. It’s the first request I’ve gotten in a long time, actually.

So this morning I went to the cemetery in a nearby town and got the photos and sent them out. I also found a second RAOGK request waiting for me in my gmail inbox, this one for neighboring Hill County. When it rains, it pours! I’ll be headed down there on Wednesday. Not enough time today, as it’s about a 2-hr round trip.

That’s about it. It’s Ragweed Season in Texas and my allergies are driving me nuts, so I really haven’t gotten much done lately.



This morning I created 2 more pages of Mom’s Red Photo Album, after not touching it for about 3 weeks. Last night I posted the album itself, to see if I could. (With my blog, I couldn’t post it!). Glad to get back into that task.

I also learned how to add images to my TNG database. Pretty simple, actually. This program really needs a manual! If I need help, I have to consult either their wiki or forum pages, where I may or may not find answers to my questions…

For whatever reason, my RootsMagic GEDCOM is easily imported into TNG, but the images are not. I have RM set to export images, but the images don’t make it into TNG. The name and info about the images arrive, but not the images themselves. Have I got TNG set-up incorrectly? Quite possibly, as I said there is no manual.

So my plan is this: add all data & images to RM, then as I complete each surname, I will export a GEDCOM and import it into TNG, and add that surname’s images at the same time. Having the online TNG database is great, but if I should lose my internet connection (ex: Gustav!), all of my data would then be inaccessible. Of, course on the other hand, if something happens to my real-time data, I have it all safely stored online. A fair trade, I think!