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General Grant has returned!

At least a 10 x 16 ft portrait of the General and his staff has returned… to the National Portrait Gallery! The massive work has been in storage while the building underwent a 6-year-long renovation, and was recently returned to a new place of honor at the Gallery:

Grant and His Generals by Ole Peter Hansen Balling, oil on canvas, 1865, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, gift of Mrs. Harry Newton Blue in memory of her husband, Harry Newton Blue.

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A fellow blogger dies

This from Tim of Genealogy Reviews Online:

“Worlds Oldest Blogger” Dies at 108

Olive Riley, known as the worlds oldest blogger, died this past weekend.  Born in 1899, Olive posted regularly on her blog titled All About Olive for about a year and a half (the blog is currently not working).  Since that time, she’s posted over 70 entries where she shared stories about her life over the last 108 years.  A temporary blog, set up by a friend of Olive’s, has her last (74th) post and actually announces her death.  Since her blog is not working right now, here’s a link Olive’s blog on the Internet Archive showing posts from Feb 2007 to Aug 2007.

Like Tim, I also wish I knew of this lady’s blog before she died. Sounds like an amazing woman!