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Daily Journal 2 Nov 2009: Dovie is done!

Pretty much. All of her info in my RootsMagic database is current and her images are uploaded to my ZenPhoto gallery. When I hit the library next week, I’ll check the Tarrant County marriage index and the Fort Worth city directories, maybe the Star-Telegram archives, depending on what I find or don’t find in the marriage index and city directories, for more info on her many marriages.

Next step is to create an in-depth timeline of the Events of Dovie. Of the relatives’ lives that I’ve been closely examining during the past few weeks, most have been pretty simple and straight-forward. But not Dovie.

Certainly not Dovie!

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It's always a good idea…

… to periodically review your files! Why?

Well, you might find something new. Example: The Tarrant County, Texas official website has a link to search for marriage records. I have been aware of this site for some time and have gotten a lot of data for my research from it. Online records go back into the 1940′s, so a lot of my ancestors have appeared there, including my own parents. Many of the records even have the scanned original marriage licenses, but not my own parents.


When I reviewed my aunt’s file yesterday, I went to the Tarrant County site, just in case. I already had her marriage data from that site (file #, dates, etc), but no image was available at that time.

And guess what? The scanned image of my aunt’s marriage license is now on the site! So I started putting a few more names in the search box and, there it was, the scanned image of my parents’ marriage license!

Not the best image, not the best quality, but there it is and quite readable!

I also found a possible 6th husband for my great-grandmother Dovie McBurnett. The name and date are plausible, but I definitely gotta do more research to make sure.


I only wish she had actually signed this document. There is an excellent example of her “Ruby Priddy” signature on my great-uncle’s delayed birth certificate, and she had a rather distinctive writing style. I think it would be pretty simple to match the 2 signatures.