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Women’s History Month, Day 3: A namesake

There are 2 Ruth’s in my family, and I have been told that I was named after each, depending on who is telling the story!

My great-grandmother on my Dad’s side was Ruth (Carroll) Carr (1890-1965). I don’t remember her at all, although I’m sure that I met her when I was a small child.

RutCarroll2 RutCarroll1

My second-cousin-once-removed from my Mom’s side (although much closer in the actual dynamics of my family) is Ruth Ann (Starr) Brown (1927-    ).


Ruth Ann is a very talented artist and her house was always one of my favorite places to visit as a child, even though the Browns lived in Los Angeles at the time.

Unique or unusual names in my tree? How about:

  • Mary Tennessee
  • Charley Belle
  • Serena Jane
  • Trilla Maryland
  • Zora Belle

I just love these old-fashioned names! If I was doing genealogy before my daughters were born, they’d probably have disowned me by now… :)

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Women’s History Month, Day 1: My favorite female ancestor

ChaBRogers 13

March is Women’s History Month, so who is my favorite female ancestor?

Has to be my grandmother, Charley Belle. As “Nanny” is thriving at age 93, I won’t give out any personal details about her.

What is important to know about Nanny is that she is everyone’s grandmother. Not only do all of us kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and great-great-grandkids call her Nanny, but so does most everyone who knows her. My brother is the oldest grandson, so for at least 54 years Charley Belle has been Nanny.

She has cared for almost every one of her descendants at one time or another. As children, my brothers and I stayed at Nanny’s house while our parents were at work. That goes for just about all my cousins. Nanny’s house had the biggest living room… and she has the biggest heart!

Love you, Nanny!