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Sentimental Sunday: My Grandparents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary

My grandmother had a close friend named Jennie V. Teague (Nanny calls her Jennie V and for the longest time I thought Jennie V was one word, Jennivee!). Jenny V could make anything ceramic! And I mean anything. We all have little gadgets, like spoon-holders, cups, and scrub-pad holders, made by Jennie V. populating our kitchens. The lady had an amazing talent.

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and found this little item. It came to me when my grandmother was no longer able to live in her home alone and moved in with my aunt. What Nanny couldn’t take with her to my aunt’s house went to us grandkids and great-grandkids. I also have Nanny’s favorite rocking chair that at one time belonged to my great-grandmother.

This was created by Jennie V in honor of my grandparents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary. It is dated Dec 31, 1959. It is a bit dusty and in need of a good cleaning, but it has also been broken and repaired numerous times and is rather fragile. Honestly, I’m scared to handle it very much!

DSC00210 DSC00211

DSC00212 DSC00213

DSC00214 MilFStanleyII (22)

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Sentimental Sunday: Nanny & Bubba

I have posted this photo before, but when the blogging theme for Sunday changed from Black Sheep Sunday to Sentimental Sunday, this image instantly came to mind.

Pictured here are my grandmother (standing), my great-grandfather Charles Arthur “Bubba” Rogers and my Aunt Jan at age about 5 years. My Aunt Jan was born in 1938, so this photo would have been taken about 1943.

My great-grandfather Bubba Rogers died 17 Dec 1942, so this may well have been the last photo ever taken of him. Since my grandmother and my aunt are both wearing coats and my aunt a hat, and in north Texas you don’t were coats usually until at least November, that dates the photo as taken only weeks or days before Bubba’s death.

The expressions on Nanny’s and Bubba’s faces are those of resigned acceptance. I think at this point, both knew that time was running short. Bubba appears tired and frail, and Nanny seems to show calm determination. Determination to make sure that Bubba knows that he is literally in the arms of his loving family…