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Just a bit of housework

I’ve been doing some maintenance around here. While I have a Flickr account for all my genealogy-related images, I’d really like them all to be housed here at my hosted account. I’ve tried to install a couple of “photo album” programs here, but I’m not really good at all the Geek-isms, so I haven’t been able to get that going.

Then I tried a couple of WordPress plugins, but I’m not happy with the look. But, I’ll keep working on that.

Next, I deleted my Graveyard Rabbits blog. Let’s face it folks: I just don’t have time to maintain it. I have posted to it twice since April. It’s gone.

I added a bit of window dressing to the right sidebar: Everyday Genealogy Fun! (our daily blogging themes).

Following Thomas’ and Randy’s leads, a few days ago I started a separate blog as a journal to post my daily genealogical activies. I think this is a great idea and hopefully will help me stay focused and productive. However, I deleted that blog and will post those daily activities here under the category of “daily journal”. Really trying to simplify things around here.