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Follow Friday: Iconic Photos

I stumbled on this site a couple of weeks ago, and was immediately impressed.

Iconic Photos bills itself as Famous, Infamous and Iconic Photos. Usually black-and-white, these fascinating images document historic events, locations and people.

Categories include Art and Archeology, Politics, Science and Tech, Society, Sports and War.

How can this site enhance your genealogical research?

Have an ancestor who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire of 1911? Here’s a tragic image:


Need to illustrate a great-granduncle’s service in WWI? A few of the leading characters in this, “the war to end all wars”:


Did your ancestor survive the Warsaw Ghetto? Not many did…


As you can see, Iconic Photos is an amazing gallery of historic images. Is your ancestor to be found here?

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Follow Friday:

While not specifically a genealogy site, has a lot to offer the family historian. To be found at this site are software reviews, the majority of which are freeware programs or open-source software, tips and tuts for computer use written in plain English and their “Best of” series, a reader-driven poll of the best programs in particular categories. New or established web sites are also examined, with lots of “how-to” thrown in for extra flavor. The site is easily searcheable and results are graded according to relevance.

A quick search for the term “genealogy” returns 10 hits, such as:

Looking for a good image-editing program that doesn’t cost your first-born male child? Of the 510 hits, you might want to check out Free Online Image-Editing, or maybe GIMP Tricks Everyone Should Know.

In need of something to keep your research notes close and secure? Enter the term “note taking software” into the search box and you see these links:

As you can see, Lifehacker covers a lot of ground. I subscribe to the RSS feed, which makes it quite easy to keep up with the latest in online-research-open-source-freeware-software-image-editors-gallery-web-site-reviews-anything-and-everything-related-to-genealogy-family-history-news!

Take a stroll over to Lifehacker and enjoy!