Notes from the past…

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Almost done!

I am sitting here at my desk, feeling smug as can be! On my desk, next to my laptop sits a 1/2″ high, neatly stacked, and stapled and clipped together group of notes. All that’s left to go through! Everything else in filed in its proper place in the file cabinet. This is the best shape my genealogy work has been in since day 1, more than 4 years ago!!! I really thought it would take much longer to get to this point. Maybe by Jun 1, I’ll actually be able to start working in earnest on my FTM database. This is so exciting!!!
Also this morning I finished an online beginner’s genealogy course, Genealogy in a Wired World. It is offered by the Hewlett-Packard website for free. Strictly intro stuff, but a good review.

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The task begins…

This evening, I went through my “correspondence” folder, where I have documented all the letters I have sent out and info I have requested. There’s really not that much!
Anyway, I scanned the SS5 for my great-grandfather, Charles Arthur Rogers, and the death certificate for my great-grandmother, Mary Tennessee Turner, and added them to my website. I actually remembered how to get them both uploaded and put on the proper page and the thumbnails work correctly and everything! Pretty scary! I also added the documentations to my Family Tree program.
I have a lot of work to do to get all of this information into my Family Tree file and uploaded to my website. Might take months. But, it won’t cost me a dime to do all this, and I really need to get this done before I go in search of new info and new people. I have pretty much come to the end of the road (or at least I had a few months ago) as far as getting genealogical data off the Internet. It is almost time to actually start visiting courthouses and writing letters. I had started this last summer, but quit before I had done much. I have several “leads” that I need to follow up on and really get serious about this work.
I have a big stack of notes on scraps of paper, etc, to get into my FTM and my website. I want everything properly documented. None of this means anything if it’s not documented. After I get all this caught up, I might rejoin or possibly another such site. Maybe I can afford it again by then!
I would still someday like to take the National Genealogical Society’s Home Study Course. I took their Intro to Genealogy online course a couple of years ago, but I want more! The Intro was very good, but also very basic. I want more in-depth training. But it costs $585, which isn’t possible right now

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Where have I been?

Sorry, but I haven’t done much of any genealogy lately. Haven’t done much of anything lately, actually. The weather has been so hot, I just don’t have any energy to do anything! I’ve kept up with my newsletters, and kept an eye out to anything new on the ‘Net. I’m also taking an online class about Internet Genealogy from the HP website. It’s a beginner class, but I might still learn a thing or two. Besides, it’s free, so, why not? Anyway, I’m just kinda taking some time off from genealogy. Hopefully, in about a month, the weather will start cooling down a bit around here, then I’ll get back with the program! Later!!!