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Graham-Mason Cemetery Association meeting today

Today is the fourth annual Graham-Mason Cemetery Association meeting. I had planned to attend, but at the last minute I was “volunteered” to go with my granddaughter’s UIL Art Team to the Kimbell Art Museum in Ft Worth. That’s ok, cuz I love to do stuff with my granddaughter, I just wish the two events weren’t on the same day.
Anyway, Graham-Mason is where my great-great aunt Jennie Margaret Melton (1864-1887)and possibly her infant son Claude are buried. I really wanted to go to the meeting, maybe next year!

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Getting my website ready to go back up

A word to the wise: once you finish the pages and files for a website, NEVER, EVER move the files around on your computer!
I did that a few months ago when I was “cleaning house” on my computer. so now several of the links don’t work. I’ve been working today to get those all corrected so I can get the website back online. Almost finished with that, so hopefully I can get it back online this evening.
Then it’s back to research! Or, if I can figure out how to do it, I wanna make some kind of presentation for my family’s connection to the Graham-Mason Cemetery for the Association’s meeting next Saturday. I really don’t know how I want to do that just yet.

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I'm not dead, unlike most of the people you might find discussed here!

I haven’t done much genealogy research in several months, but I’m kinda getting back “in the mood” again! Sometimes I just get burned out for awhile, but I’m back.
A few weeks ago I got a letter from Scott Buie of the Graham-Mason Cemetery Association announcing the upcoming annual meeting. As my great-great aunt is buried there, I was excited to here from him.
So, this morning I printed out a genealogy report and mailed it to him, in preparation for the get-together. I’d like to develop some kind of report containing more info that I have on my part of the family, along with photographs, ect. Something to think about. I have a month (April 21st), so I gotta get to working on it!