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Those prolific Kennedys…

…have kept me busy for several weeks! I am happy to say that I have “completed” the research of the family of John Kennedy of Sumter County, Alabama. This afternoon I added the last references and sources to my Family Tree Maker database, and have uploaded a current Outline Descendant Report for John Kennedy and Family Group Sheets for each of his seven children to the Kennedy Surname Page. Of course, I will continue to watch out for any new info, as the research is never really finished. But now I can move on to the next surname. I think since I have already started a Turner Surname Page, that will be my next project. My great-grandmother Mary Tennessee Turner was the 13th of 14 children, so the Turners should keep me busy for months to come!

I was also able to do some more work on the Chatt-Jessie Cemetery Page, I have almost all of the images uploaded now and I hope to finish that job in the next few days.

And do I still like WordPress? I love it! Although the image gallery and the uploading of images is a bit “Mickey Mouse”, overall I am still very pleased!

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Back to the research… and I've found another new "cousin"!

Well, the remodeling of this blog is complete (for now!), so last night I jumped back into the purpose of this blog: genealogical research!
I’m still trying to finish up with the Bennett clan. I am down to the final three children of James Bennett and Margarite Alberta Hamilton.
Mary Lavina (Mamie) Bennett, as my 2nd great-grandmother, is in my direct line. I have some info on her already, mostly census enumerations, but I had found her name in the San Saba County, Texas Index to Probate Cases 1866-1939, where she was declared NCM (legally insane). But the problem here is, Mary Lavina Bennett’s brother Henry Clay Bennett was also married to a Mamie, making her also a “Mamie Bennett”. Which Mamie does this court record refer to? I guess the only way to find out is to send off for said court records!
So, that completes Mary Lavina, for the time being, pending those probate records. On to Martha Alice Bennett, child #11.
I have very little info on Martha, other than a date of birth. Next step: Google!
Google pointed me to a genealogy website that listed Martha and a husband’s name. Ok, a place to start. But as I was wondering around on this website, I came across the surname Terry.
When I surveyed Chatt-Jessie Cemetery in Hill County, TX last summer, I found several Terrys buried there. So I emailed the contact at the website, to alert him of the Terrys buried at Chatt-Jessie, in case they were his ancestors.
When I got home from work this afternoon, I found an email from that gentleman. To make a long story short, he is related to Martha Alice Bennett by marriage through Martha’s husband, so therefore he is related to me by marriage. Another cousin!
So, I emailed my new “cousin” more info, so hopefully we can share our research and benefit each other!
Oh, by the way, I have to decided to seek only (actually spend money on!) those documents for people in my direct lines. Gotta draw the line somewhere, as all the birth, death, marriage, and probate records can get pretty expensive!