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Need a dentist?

J L Bell from Boston 1775 posted this interesting item from The Massachusetts Historical Society’s site.

Josiah Flagg was a “Surgeon Dentist” in 1796 Boston:

Josiah Flagg, Surgeon Dentist

This advertisement assures Bostonians that Dr Flagg:

“Traisplants [sic] both live and dead Teeth with greater conveniency, and gives less pain than heretofore practiced in Europe or America:—Sews up Hare Lips;—Cures Ulcers;—Extracts Teeth and stumps or roots with ease;—Reinstates Teeth and Gums, that are much depreciated by nature, carelessness, acids, or corroding medicine;—Fastens those Teeth that are loose; (unless wasted at the roots) regulates Teeth from their first cutting to prevent feavers and pain in Children;—Assists nature in the extension of the jaws, for the beautiful arrangement of the second Sett and preserves them in their natural whiteness entirely free from all scorbutic complaints. . . .”

Read Boston 1775‘s posts and very soon you will feel like you are living in Boston during the American Revolution! J L Bell maintains an excellent site filled with all things Boston and the Colonies during this very turbulent and exciting birth of our nation.

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Flatter than a flitter!

Well, it seems has finally figured out that it stepped on a few toes (smashed, squished, squushed, mangled!) with its “Internet Biographical Collection”, and on Wednesday removed the database from its site entirely! It’s nice to know that we in the genealogical community have a voice!
I realize that today is not Saturday, but since I was a little swamped yesterday, this afternoon I profiled the first website for Free Genealogy Site Saturday. This inaugural selection was pretty easy, too.