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“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”

J L Bell from Boston 1775 posted this interesting item from The Massachusetts Historical Society’s site. Josiah Flagg was a “Surgeon Dentist” in 1796 Boston: This advertisement assures Bostonians that Dr Flagg: “Traisplants [sic] both live and dead Teeth with greater conveniency, and gives less pain than heretofore practiced in Europe or America:—Sews up Hare …

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Well, it seems has finally figured out that it stepped on a few toes (smashed, squished, squushed, mangled!) with its “Internet Biographical Collection”, and on Wednesday removed the database from its site entirely! It’s nice to know that we in the genealogical community have a voice! I realize that today is not Saturday, but …

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I have decided to try out a new project, or subproject, for this blog. In my routine internet searching efforts, I occasionally run across some really great genealogy sites. So, in keeping with the theme of the USGenWeb site, “Land of the Free…Genealogy”, each Saturday a free genealogy web site will be spotlighted at Free …

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