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Daily Journal 1 Nov 2009: Image editing

A bit more GenealogyBank searching for Dovie and her host of husbands, didn’t find anything new. I did download several obits for some more-recent relatives from GenealogyBank’s America’s Obituaries section. Nothing new here either, just “devil-in-the-details”-type stuff.

I have downloaded a lot of images relating to Dovie/husbands in the past few days that needed to be “cleaned up” for upload to my gallery, so I got that done today, and got them all into the proper folders.

“Met” a new genealogy blog today, Branching Out Through The Years. This blog has a few posts about the surname Vance, and since I have a Vance line in my genealogy, I left a comment. Maybe we share the same Vances…

Read my RSS feeds, that’s about it for the first day of November.

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Why do I blog about my genealogy?

Beyond the obvious benefit of it being a great way to document my research, it’s also a great way to meet new “cousins”!

Since began this blog 4 years ago, I have met several “cousins” online. These people have seen my posts about my different ancestors and recognized something in particular (be it a name or a location or maybe a family story) and have contacted me. This is a wonderful addition to traditional research efforts! As I am always willing to share my data (what’s the point of doing it if it’s not to be shared?), my new cousins usually are happy to “share and share alike”.

Case in point: the image of my grandfather that I posted for this past Wordless Wednesday was received from a cousin I met online. Prior to this very nice lady contacting me, I had no photos of my grandfather at all, and I don’t believe my Dad had any, either. One of those unfortunate situations when someone is cut out of the will for no apparent reason, but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of worms, as my grandmother loves to say. Anyway, this photo brought tears to my Dad’s eyes. I am so very grateful to my cousin for sharing her data with me!

Yesterday, I got a comment on that Wordless Wednesday post from a lady who might be related to William Earl Hall, my mysterious great-grandfather. How exciting! So I immediately sent an email back to her and when I got home from work last night and checked my email, I found a long and detailed message from her. :) :) :)

A busy day ahead!

And… HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone!!!