Notes from the past…

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A bit of remodeling….

Since I began participating in Tonia’s 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog challenge, I have really been looking closely at this blog. At the behind-the-scenes action, if you will.

And what I have realized is the obvious: I need to post more often.

But there are also other things that could be done to spruce this place up a bit…

To that end, I have spent quite a bit of time on Facebook in the past couple of days. I edited my personal profile, “filling in the blanks”, sharing a little more of me with the geneasphere. Maybe you will find it interesting.

Also, Ruth’s Genealogy blog now has it’s one Facebook page. I even created my own logo! Simple but effective, I think. Please drop in and say “Hi!”

Here at home, I did a bit of renovating, too. I added my Twitter feed and a link to said Facebook page, both now found in the sidebar to the right. There is also a link in the main navigation bar to my research wiki.

Time to rest from all this carpentering work! Supposed to be 106 in Fort Worth today, don’t wanna over-exert myself in all this heat… :)

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The Internet Genealogist: Follow Friday: FamilySearch Online Classes

I found a new blog to follow today. And this is the post that caught my eye:

The Internet Genealogist: Follow Friday: FamilySearch Online Classes

I followed the link and watched a very interesting video about how to interpret the pre-1850 editions of the US Federal Census. You know, the ones that only list Head of Household and no other names…!

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Thanks again, Randy!

Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings blog is one of my favorites. Why? Because he always has something that you can use. Now. Today. No pre-ordering needed!

Case in point: yesterday’s blog post, Devier J. Smith in 1880 Agricultural Census. Somewhere in the back of my dusty and cob-webby brain I remembered that Ancestry has some “agricultural” census schedules, but I’ve never checked them out.

Ok, I’ve got oodles of Texas farmers in my tree, so let’s see what I can find among the Selected U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, 1850-1880.

Isaac Turner was my second great-grandfather and a farmer in rural Hill County, Texas in the late 1800’s. And..

here he is in the 1880 Hill County Schedule 2- Products of Agriculture schedule:

IsaacTurner 1880 agri

Lots of data here… where IS my magnifying glass… :)

(Of note, there is also an Isaac Turner enumerated in neighboring Johnson County. Is this my Isaac? Don’t know, need to check that out!)

P. S. I also found another second great-grandfather, Miles Francis Stanley, in the 1880 Hill County Schedule 2- Products of Agriculture schedule. Glad I investigated this database. Thanks, Randy!