Jul 042014

Genealogy and web design are to my brain as are Oscar Madison and Felix Unger to that apartment in New York City. Can they really live together and get along?

I think so.

About a month ago, I purchased Bloggy, a premium theme for this blog. It was time to remodel the kitchen, so to speak. I wanted some fresh paint and new appliances.

In the first couple of days after the purchase, I created new pages, set up widgets, added links and images. The site was looking pretty good. Then my attention went back to genealogical research and I didn’t pay much attention to the blog’s inner workings. But the web-development part of me took charge again. You see, I love creating and developing a website almost as much as I love genealogy! So I went to Bloggy’s own website and conducted a more thorough study of the theme and its abilities, and learned a lot.

So when I got off work last Sunday nitght and got home about 1 am, I logged onto this blog and went to work. Chronic insomnia occasionally has its benefits. By 7 am Monday morning, I had

  1. developed my WordPress public profile, adding as my gravatar a baby picture of me
  2. added a “follow me” widget
  3. added a link to my Diigo bookmarks
  4. completed the About page, including adding a featured image (that baby picture again)
  5. worked on both cemetery pages, adding an image gallery to each
  6. created a “Genealogy on a Budget” page, with sub-pages for my links to free genealogy websites/software/etc. I was considered creating a Weebly site for the budget pages (I do love to build websites!), but got to thinking: Why create a separate site that might draw visits away from this site???” Duh!
  7. also changed and tweaked the theme for my Archives site

I also discovered that it’s probably not a very good idea to stay up all night working on a website. My brain was mush for the rest of the day!

It took me a couple more days to really get the “Budget” pages to look the way that I wanted them to. I first had to go through over 400 bookmarks saved at Diigo and weed out the duplicates and dead links, then reorganize them according to location. And since Diigo’s export function really doesn’t work very well, I had to figure out how to get those links to this blog. Than done, I then needed to develop the Budget pages in such a way to present the links succinctly. I accomplished this by adding tables to the pages, and began inserting my favorite free genealogy sites. It’ll take a few days to get them all added.

My blog is done, for now. So come on Oscar, I gotta get back to work on that photography… oops, I mean genealogy. ;)


Jun 072014

I’ve added another ancestor page: Miles Francis Stanley II. The love of Nanny’s life, they are finally together again after 44 years. :)

Been doing a bit of tweaking of the theme, little stuff. I’m trying to a better job of managing images and the Media Library. Every image is named appropriately, so I can search for one if necessary.

You know, trying to do right all the things I did wrong in my first blog (now Ruth’s Genealogy Archives).

As I build new ancestor pages, I am also reviewing and updating that person’s RootsMagic page.

Jun 042014

When I decided on a “new” blog, I also decided to change a few things about the way I write about my ancestors. And this new Bloggy theme has a really neat method for show-casing images.

In honor of my grandmother, who died 3 weeks ago at age 97, my first ancestor page:

Charley Bell Rogers (1916-2014)

Jun 042014

WikiMedia Commons… as coming home again.” *

I’ve been away from genealogy and this blog for what seems like forever. Why? In a nutshell: life got too hard. Work got crazy, not enough hours in the day, lost my passion. Pick an excuse.

A few days ago, I was having another less-than-optimal day and it suddenly occurred to me: “I’m bored. I have tons of stuff that I have to do, but nothing that I want to do. I needed to find something for me.”


But I wanted to do things a little differently. A fresh start.

A new blog to begin with. Sort of.

My “old” blog has moved Ruth’s Genealogy Archives, and here you can find all blog content prior to 1 Jun 2014.

But what to do about a “new” blog? I have had a WordPress.com blog for many years, so should I close my eyes, hold my breath and make the leap to a WordPress.org blog and a web hosting account? After much consideration, I decided that wasn’t for me. While I would have more control and many more options to maintain my genealogy online, the amount of maintenance required would also be much greater.

Let’s face it, folks: a WordPress.com blog is a piece o’ cake to manage!

Still, a little change can be very exciting, and a lot of fun.

I decided to take the middle ground and purchase a premium theme for my old blog. A few more choices, yet nothing that would bury me. After a few days of searching, previewing and head-scratching, I decided on the Bloggy theme.

I hit the “Purchase Now” button, and in a very few clicks, my new theme was in place and rather impatiently (or was that me?) waiting for me to start using it.

A few other tasks needed taking care of (mainly, updating my RootsMagic software that had also gone unused for much too long a time), and I am back to genealogy.

Back to my passion!



*Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

How exciting!

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Jun 022014

I just purchased my first premium theme for this WordPress blog!


It is here and active and beautiful!

So much to do!

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