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#31WBGB: Promote a Blog Post

31 Weeks ButtonThis week’s challenge for Tonia’s 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog is to promote a blog post.

As this blog is already linked to Twitter and Facebook, this option is covered. I use internal links and comment on other blogs as appropriate, although I could leave comments more often. I do follow a lot of genealogy blogs with great interest. Some of the other suggestions just don’t appeal to me.

But what about a newsletter? Maybe…

Let’s see, where to begin. I Googled “genealogy newsletter” and looked at several examples to see what kind of format was used and what type of information to include. I also checked out a few sites where I could create a newsletter using templates.

I finally settled on, the home of this blog. I created a new site and picked out a snazzy, happy theme called Vertigo. I then added some content and my newsletter was born!

I hope this will be a fun and informative newsletter, so please visit and if you like what you see, I would be honored to have you subscribe to Ruth’s Genealogy The Newsletter!

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I’m so excited… or, Thank you, Tonia!

My carport 2 days ago!

I have been participating in Tonia’s 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog challenge, and it has been a lot of fun and a lot of work!

This has been a much-needed motivator for me, as I tend to neglect my blog. It has also been a great way to get through these past couple of weeks with record high temperatures in north Texas. Simply put: TOO HOT TO THINK!

As part of Tonia’s challenge, she is doing weekly random giveaways of genealogy goodies that she received at the recent Southern California Genealogical Society‚Äôs 2011 Jamboree. How exciting! I love surprises!

This morning, I got an email from Tonia with a coupon code for discounted items at

No better way to shop than from the comfort of my slightly-worn-but-broken-in-just-right office chair with my pajama-clad legs propped up on my desk! Oh, did I mention my nice, cool, air-conditioned living room?

Anyway, I chose 2 items:

I ordered both as digital downloads, so guess what I’ll be doing today?


P. S. Today’s forecast is for 105 degrees for the 16th straight day of 100-degree of higher temps!



#31WBGB: Make List Posts Work for Your Genealogy Blog (Week 2, Part 3)

31 Weeks ButtonThis week’s challenge for Tonia’s 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog is to write a list post. My post actually has 3 parts, as I try to link suspected fourth great-grandfather Joel Dixon to proven third great-grandfather Thomas M Dixon, both of Marengo County, Alabama.

In Part 1, I laid out my plan of attack. Unable to link father and son through census records (Thomas was already out of the house by the 1850 Federal Census), I decided to use a relative, in this case Thomas’ grandnephew, Floyd Milton Dixon (Joel’s great-grandson) to try to indirectly bring Joel and Thomas together. I had accidentally stumbled upon Floyd’s obituary, which described him as the last male descendant of his great-grandfather, Joel Dixon. If I could trace Floyd’s ancestry back to Joel, perhaps along the way I might connect Floyd to Thomas, which would then connect Thomas to Joel.

This was my plan.

In Part 2, I described my research findings as I examined the four generations between Joel Dixon and Floyd Milton Dixon. The relationships of Joel Dixon, Nicholas Floyd Dixon, William Floyd Dixon and Floyd Milton Dixon to each other have been proven satisfactorily. though not in great depth. (I only had a week, folks!)

The final step was to somehow connect the dots and prove that Joel Dixon was Thomas M Dixon’s father.

Was I successful?

At this time, the answer unfortunately is… no.

Although I have collected quite a bit of evidence to shore up and extend the Dixon branch of my family tree, I cannot in good faith claim Joel Dixon as my fourth great-grandfather. Not at this time. Though I do believe that Joel belongs in my pedigree, and the overall mountain of data certainly leans in that direction, I still need one document that can conclusively tie the two together.

Awaiting a package from the Marengo County courthouse….

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