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How about brick walls?

There are a couple of folks in my database that I know existed. I know they did! But I can find absolutely no data (no census, no land, no newspaper, no probate, no nothing!) on them.

One was my second great-grandfather Joseph Rogers. His name is listed in the Stanley family Bible as the father of my great-grandfather Charles Arthur Rogers. I have oodles of data on Charles Arthur Rogers. I have absolutely no data on Joseph Rogers, other than the Bible mention and being listed on Charles’ Social Security Card application from 1937, his SS-5:

As the data for this SS-5 document was most likely provided by Charles Arthur Rogers himself, hopefully it is accurate.

A little background: according to my grandmother (Charles’ daughter), Joseph died sometime when Charles was a young child and his mother Susan remarried. The new husband was abusive, so Charles left home as a teenager and never returned.

I have searched online for Joseph for years. Someday, I hope to make a trip to Mt Sterling, Kentucky and visit the courthouse (Mt Sterling is the county seat of Montgomery County) and local library and do some up-close-and-personal digging. I don’t even have enough baseline data to write to the courthouse to ask them to search.

I’ll find Joseph someday, but until I do, there is a big hole in my database!


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