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In a previous post, I revealed that I had acquired a like-new iPad 2.

My intent is to use it almost exclusively for my genealogical research: a dedicated tablet. But some “modification” would be necessary…

In the year that my granddaughter owned this iPad, I used it only occasionally, usually to play a game she had downloaded to it. But what could it really do?

Of note, I have used an iPhone 3G for about a year, so I’m familiar with iOs.

The first thing I did with my “new” iPad was delete all the games apps and some others (Justin Bieber…ugh!) that didn’t appear useful for my intended research. I also transferred the over 700 photos to her new laptop. Now my iPad was essentially back to factory new.

I then installed a few apps that I use on my desktop HP for genealogy:

  • Facebook- for that cousin connection
  • Diigo- bookmarks of favorite research sites
  • Google Earth- locations and maps
  • SkyDrive- all my surname files

as well as a couple from my iPhone

  • FamViewer- my genealogical database (GEDCOM), read-only
  • PS Express- for image editing

I also added an RSS reader and a favorite old photo to use as wallpaper:

my genealogy iPad

My iPad was beginning to look like a working research machine, but I still needed something for note-taking and file management and also better access and use of the Internet (Love Firefox, Hate Safari!). And there is the occasional need to print an image or document…

So, off to Google I went and typed in the term “iPad for genealogy”, and look what I found:

(to be continued)

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