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Which state archives repository is your favorite? Have you been there in person? What does their website offer to visitors? Share any advice you can to potential visitors who may visit the archives in the future.

Most of my ancestors hail from the American South: Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.

Since I live in Texas, I do most of my research into these folks online. Some day, I hope to actually travel to these states and have the time to do a little more in-depth looking around, but for now I must visit them virtually…

One of the very best virtual state archives has to be Georgia’s Virtual Vault:

Georgia's Virtual Vault


From Georgia’s Colonial period to the early 20th century, the Virtual Vault has thousands of images of original documents and photographs! How about a will from 1756? (This entire image is available to view at the site, along with the source information. Just zoom in or out as needed.)

Altherr, Johannes

The site is fully searchable and even has a the unique feature of being to set up a My Favorites area to save and share what you find. Pretty cool!


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