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Could this be the grave of James Bennett, Jr, my second great-granduncle and a known murderer and presumed bank-robber?

James Bennett, Jr (ca 1866- ca 1906)

A few days ago I met a new Bennett cousin online, and this morning she sent me some data on my Bennett boys, including the possible site of James Bennett, Jr’s unmarked grave. Above is the Find-A-Grave page.

Custer National Cemetery is not too far from the possible death sites of James Bennett, Jr: Glendive and Miles City, Montana.

But to bury a violent criminal in a national cemetery, which is usually reserved for military veterans, their spouses and others closely associated with some time of military event?

According to the family lore, a newspaper article describing James Bennett’s last bank robbery and subsequent death, and a photo of the body was sent to James Bennett’s brother George for identification. Perhaps, when I find that newspaper article…


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