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Wonderful News From The Fort Worth Genealogical Society!!!

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I just received this email:

   Fort Worth Genealogical Society

             Our New CD-ROM is Here!


Our Board of Directors has established an introductory price of $15 plus $3 postage and handling.

At 11,295 pages, if this were published in hard copy instead of on CD-ROM, it  would be the equivalent of 17 copies of the Oakwood Cemetery Book and take up 36 inches of shelf space. What a deal!

I cannot say THANK YOU enough to the 54 volunteers who made this project possible!

Visit our website and click on the white icon with the gold wedding bands for detailed information.

If you want to pick up your CD in South Fort Worth, please contact Roy Combrink at 817-292-5419.

All other inqueries should be sent to  Thank you!

This is SO EXCITING!!!

This CD contains:

I was a proud volunteer on this project! A lot of fun and a lot of work!

I am off to the post office this instant to get my order form in the mail!!!


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