Notes from the past…

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Last week’s research activities

  • Research and document my findings for
  1. Viola Drury
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Love
  3. Belva Adeline Hatch
  4. Jerusha Jane Carroll
  5. William Bennett
  • Update both my Freepages site and WorldConnect database and email a RootsMagic backup to my Gmail account
  • Add 2 direct-line ancestors to my research wiki
  • Keep working on the headstone photos at Chatt-Jessie Cemetery

“My name is Earl and I have this list…”

Unlike Earl, I haven’t touched my “list” this week. As you have probably already figured out, I am in the process of a major web site revamp. But, I think I’m about done with the heavy lifting, so I can get back to research very soon.

I needed the break anyway… :)

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My current “genealogy site” consists of

  1. A blog- free
  2. Picasa Web Albums- 1GB free
  3. A PBworks wiki- free
  4. A RootsWeb FreePages account- free
  5. A WorldConnect database- free

That’s a mouth-full! All linked together, of course. But still separate…kinda confused, jumbled around…but all FREE…

In the past, I have also maintained a hosted web site, using different genealogy and image gallery programs. Less than $100/yr, but a lot of work. And I was never really satisfied with the outcome. I couldn’t find an image gallery that I liked, and there was no way to directly connect the online genealogy software to my desktop RootsMagic database. Each had to be updated separately: they just didn’t work and play well together!

Still, I’ve been thinking about going back to a hosted site. Two reasons: more control of my site’s appearance and my dissatisfaction with Picasa Web Albums.

After reading Pat Geary’s ebook Working With Rootsweb FreePages Accounts, I got to thinking…

In this series
It’s coming…wait for it…
An old toy, now unloved?

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An old toy, now unloved?

First of all, thanks to Pat Geary of Genealogy Computer Tips & Tutorials for writing this very handy (and free!) ebook.

I have had a RootsWeb FreePages account for many years, actually one of the first things I did when I been researching my family history. I have re-done my site many times, using many different programs, but it was still not much more than an after-thought. I just kind of tossed my GEDCOM up to it and forgot about it.

Then I read Pat’s ebook

In this series: It’s coming…wait for it…