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A plan of action!

Ok, so I am armed with my new power tools and ready to go!

A RootsWeb Freepages account contains 11 directories, any or all of which can be used to set up a website. After contemplating using multiple directories to create the various areas of my website (Images, Cemeteries, Database) and linking them together, I finally decided to house them all in the Genealogy directory, then create subdirectories for the various parts.

Here is a view of the framework of my site, as seen thru FileZilla:

My house is built, now I just need to start moving in all my stuff.

For my database, I simply used the “website” that I had previously created using RootsMagic and, using FileZilla, uploaded it to the Ruths_Genealogy subdirectory. The only changes made where to the theme (appearance) of the RootsMagic product, which now matches the rest of my FreePages site in background and logo.

A bit about my website’s theme: I have a basic knowledge of HTML (I understand the principles and know where to look for assistance in coding), so I can use a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) HTML editor and then add bits of code as needed to get the look that I want. I’m certainly not an expert, but I can usually get by. I have used Microsoft’s FrontPage quite a bit in the past and have a copy of the program, but have not uploaded it to this computer. So I decided to look online for a free open-source program that would fill my need. For this, I settled on BlueGriffon. After a little trial-and-error, I was able to create a theme for my FreePages site.

I have a great big bunch of images (photos and documents) that support my research efforts. I have uploaded many to my Picasa Web Albums, both to make them available to like-minded researchers and as back-up storage. But I have never been satisfied with Picasa Web Albums, as the folders can’t be organized alphabetically and sub-folders cannot be created.

What am I gonna do with all these pictures?

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