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“After reading Pat Geary’s ebook Working With Rootsweb FreePages Accounts, I got to thinking…”

I had been considering going back to a hosted set-up for Ruth’s Genealogy, but was not looking forward to all the effort to get it up and running and then the ongoing maintenance required. I just don’t really have that much time. And there is the problem of the incompatibility of RootsMagic with other genealogy database programs that I could use on such a site. And then there’s also my dissatisfaction with Picasa Web Albums.

My options were to do nothing and stay with my current “web site” (essentially WordPress, Picasa Web Albums and RootsWeb FreePages), or move back to a hosted site.

But wait…

Why not stay with WordPress and RootsWeb FreePages, then really concentrate on FreePages and build it into a “complete” site, housing both my database and associated images?

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