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Hand in Hand: A TiddlyComment

Last week, I posted about TiddlySpace, which is TiddlyWiki (a great research tool) in the cloud.

A couple of days later, one of the architects of TiddlySpace left this comment:

Thanks for the comments about TiddlySpace, much appreciated (coolest name, indeed! Not the usual reaction). You might be interested in this family tree app template created by @rakugojon here at Osmosoft:

As you can see it makes it easy to set up a new genealogy space, and guides you through the process.

This family tree app is an interesting concept. Basically, each person is connected to his/her family members through tiddlers. I like the idea, but I can’t imagine having to add one person at a time and do all this manually. There seems to be no way to upload a .ged file. Still, I really like the general idea… seems to be a possible alternative to the hallowed GEDCOM…

An example:

“MilesFrancisStanleyII, born 1915, son of JohnThomasStanley and MarieMistrotCarrico, married CharleyBelleRogers in 1934….”

The names of my ancestors are written as tiddlers, so they will link to each other in TiddlySpace. As things stand, it would be an enormous amount of work to enter each person and their data manually… but I still think it a reallyneatidea!