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#31WBGB: Set Up Monitoring Alerts

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31 Weeks ButtonThe Week 10 task for Tonia’s 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog challenge is to set up monitoring alerts for my particular genealogy interests, such as surnames or locations.

I have struggled with this assignment. I have been using Google Alerts for some time now, usually set up to follow my more obscure surnames and a few locations, with varying degrees of success. I did review these alerts and modify a few.

I have my blog posts tied to Twitter, but I don’t really “follow” Twitter as such. There are just too many tweets to keep up with.

I was really interested in Tonia’s newspaper. Looks like a great way to monitor and communicate specific subjects. I decided to try my hand at creating a edition about the soon-to-be-released 1940 United States Census.

Problem is, is still in beta, and there are no “getting started” instructions on the site. It was mostly trial and error for me, which is pretty frustrating.

But finally, after several hours of searching the ‘net and reading “how-to” bits and pieces, I would like to present the 1940 United States Federal Census, edition.

It needs some fine-tuning, but as I get a little more comfortable and more knowledgeable with this format, I think it will improve.

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