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#31WBGB: 27 Must-Read Tips for Genealogy Bloggers

31 Weeks ButtonI have been participating in Tonia’s challenge, 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog. It has been a lot of fun and quite educational, too. Definitely a must-do!

This is Week 6 and our assignment is to try to pick up a bit of “inside information” from successful bloggers and apply what we have learned to our own blogs. Tonia provides links to 27 posts from top blogs, with instructions to jot down 3-5 tips to apply to our own blogs.

I read through all 27 posts and found some great advice! Here’s what stood out the most for me:

  1. From, “A picture per blog post has been my trick for a while. It draws your eye, whether or not you want it to. We’re wired for it. I use Flickr Creative Commons photos to do that. Make sure you give them adequate credit…”
  2. Also from, “Brevity rules. Can you say it briefly?” And “Use small words. You don’t have to impress people. You have to be clear.” And “Use the word you’re thinking about, not a fancier, or more polite word.”
  3. From Copyblogger, “Keep an idea list. When inspiration for a post strikes, scribble it down in a notebook or a word file.”
  4. From Pro Blog Design, “Left aligning is usually best. Very rarely is centered or justified text going to look better, and I can’t think of any time when right aligning is the best choice.”

A few simple tricks to improve Ruth’s Genealogy blog!