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#31WBGB: Contact a Reader


31 Weeks ButtonThis is Week 5 of Tonia’s 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog challenge.

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What’s our assignment for this week?

#31WBGB: Contact a Reader:

Pay attention to new readers and it will substantially increase the chance that they will return to your site or spread the word about it through their network.  I think this topic is especially important for genealogy bloggers, because our readers may be part of our extended families and they could have information, photos, documents, etc. that we would like to have.  At least part of the reason that most of that most of us write genealogy blogs is to connect with others who are researching our same family lines.

I completed this week’s challenge in reverse, but in doing so proved how vital our blog readers really are!

On this past Sunday, Thomas MacEntee posted a link on his Facebook page to a new genealogy blog, Channeling Grammy. I clicked on his link and visited this new blog. It looked interesting, so I subscribed to the RSS feed. I continued to wander around Grammy until I found a mention of the author’s surnames. One was Appling. A fairly uncommon name, hummm…

I have Applings in my tree, married into my Stanley line from Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

I commented on the blog’s most recent post and introduced myself. The author contacted me almost immediately, through my genealogy wiki. Turns out that we are distantly related, through our Stanley/Appling connection. Another cousin found! All because a blog author contacted a reader!

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3 thoughts on “#31WBGB: Contact a Reader

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  3. Wow, Ruth, that’s great! Genealogy serendipity strikes again.

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