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Since I have not done much research in several months, I have been busy rechecking folks in my tree, looking for anything new since I last examined them.

This evening I was checking back with my great-grandmother, Dovie C McBurnett. I did a general Google search with nothing new showing up. Then I stopped by Ancestry and put her name in the search engine. And what did I find….

Only several NEW photos of Dovie, her parents (my second great-grandparents) and a couple of her brothers!!! I’m so excited!!! I now have a photo of Harrison Wardlow McBurnett and wife Margaret C Brown, my 2 GGP’s, and a photo of Dovie’s brother Wesley Paul McBurnett in his WWI uniform. Especially exciting since Wesley was killed in action in France in October 1918.  And there was even a photo of a previously unknown brother, Lonzo McBurnett. Lonzo was born in 1882 and by 1900 apparently was out of Harrison’s household for that year’s census, so I didn’t know he even existed! Wow!


Harrison Wardlow and Margaret C Brown McBurnett, ca 1910, Admore, OK
Harrison Wardlow and Margaret C Brown McBurnett, ca 1910, Admore, OK
Wesley Paul McBurnett, ca 1916
Wesley Paul McBurnett, ca 1916

I also sent a note to the lady that owns this tree and so graciously posted all of these wonderful photos. I have a lot of “Dovie data” that I would be more than happy to share with her, if she is interested!

And here is a new photo of Dovie (left), compared with one of my “old” Dovie photos:

Dovie McBurnett(left), ca 1945

Dovie McBurnett (left), ca 1945

Dovie McBurnett, ca 1948

Dovie McBurnett, ca 1948

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