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And today is my day off!

The National Archives branch that is located in Ft Worth is opening its downtown (well, Montgomery Plaza on West Seventh Street) research room today. How exciting!

For decades, the research room has been housed in a bleak 1940s-era brick warehouse ringed by barbed-wire fences at the Federal Depot off Felix Street in south Fort Worth.

“We’re going to get a lot of walk-in traffic at Montgomery Plaza — that just didn’t happen before,” Huff said.

The new research room will house microfilmed and digitized records used primarily for family history research. It will have 10 public-access computers for searching online genealogical information.

The big plus for researchers is free access to paid genealogical sites like and, which are partners with the National Archives in digitizing records.

Another draw will be help in navigating the maze of public records from the archives staff and 15 trained volunteers.

The room will be open Mon-Fri 8aa to 4pm  and every 3rd Saturday.

I used to work just about 3 blocks from Montgomery Plaza, which woulda been great, but I still think I’ll manage to stop by once in a while…. :)

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