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Your own genealogy website?

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Interested in creating your own genealogy website or maybe need some great ideas for the site you already manage? Check out this post from Pat Geary at her Computer Tips & Tutorials blog:

Planning a Genealogy Website EBook 2nd Edition

Just released, Planning a Genealogy Website 2nd Edition by Pat Geary Microsoft MVP Expression Web is a FREE 42 page EBook. The EBook is a great resource for anyone who is interested in creating a genealogy website especially if you are using RootsWeb hosting. It has been revised and updated with several entirely new sections. The Table of Contents is listed below. This Ebook is FREE and my gift to the genealogy community.

I downloaded and quickly skimmed through this little gem and I am impressed! Pat really knows her stuff! At 42 pages, it is packed with valuable information on the whens, wheres and hows of creating and maintaining your genealogy website. A definite GOTTA HAVE!

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