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Blogoversary vs Bennetts: and the winner is…

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7806 The Bennett Boys, triumphant again!

Did I really forget my blog’s 4th anniversary on July 20? On the contrary, the blog got the most wonderful anniversary gift any genealogy blog could possibly ask for!

So, it’s a belated Happy 4th Anniversary to the Bluebonnet Country Genealogy Blog! I was thinking of you, just haven’t had time to get it down on paper (?) until now.

So, what happened to cause me to be so belated? And what was the most wonderful gift?

How about 12 (TWELVE)  newspaper front page articles concerning the MURDER of my second great-granduncle Benjamin Bennett? Add to that, I have met a wonderful new Bennett “cousin” online and reconnected with an equally wonderful ROAGK volunteer. Oh, and did I mention that I have tried out a wonderful new (to me) newspaper archive site and in just 4 (FOUR) days have located and downloaded over 50 (FIFTY) wonderful newspaper articles concerning my Bennett/Carroll/Carr very-extended family?

Now you see why I am so late in celebrating my blogoversary!

Would you like to see the blogoversary gift(s) now?

BenBennettkilledAJ1 BenBennettAVJ1

Here are just a couple, click on the image to read the article. The George Bennett/Bennett Miller in these articles is actually Benjamin Bennett, my 2nd great-granduncle. I guess they didn’t check their facts too closely back then. But we have Benjamin Bennett’s death certificate to prove that Benjamin was the man shot to death that night. Sad, but oh so exciting!

Bennett, Benjamin

Now I just gotta figure out (find time!) how to get through this MOUNTAIN of new info that I have collected in the past week and get it all into my database!

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One thought on “Blogoversary vs Bennetts: and the winner is…

  1. Congratulations on your 4th blogiversary. What wonderful gifts to receive!

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