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isler John Isler was my fifth great-grandfather. Prior to tonight, the only “evidence” that I had of his existence was some census pages and a vague reference in a biographical sketch of my third great-grandfather Nathan B Kennedy from a 1892 Hill County, Texas county history book. 

(Since this book was published when Nathan Kennedy was still alive, I like to think that it might possibly be accurate… at least a little)

I have developed an equally vague image of John Isler:

  • 1800 Federal Census- Jones County, North Carolina
  • 1810 Federal Census- Jones County, North Carolina
  • 1820 Federal Census- Jones County, North Carolina
  • father of Harriet Isler, born ca 1805 Jones County, North Carolina
  • Major in Revolutionary War

I’m not 100% sure that the John Isler of these census entries is my John Isler. This is the only John Isler enumerated in North Carolina during those years.

Harriett Isler’s info is from the Hill County book and from her later enumerations as the wife of John Kennedy of Sumter County, Alabama.

Fast-forward to 2010.

Tonight I was just surfing around, not actually researching anyone. I eventually landed at and started looking at the Revolutionary War Pensions database. My previous post tonight was a Wordle image of my ancestors who had been in the military and the wars in which they fought. WWI, WWII, Civil War… but no Revolutionary War vets… except for John Isler, the “gallant Revolutionary soldier.

So I entered Isler into the search box for the Revolutionary War Pensions database, and up popped John Isler of North Carolina in 3 images! Could it be? Have I finally found John Isler, the gallant Revolutionary soldier?

End of Part 1


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