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This is an “almost” Wordless Wednesday post. Some explanation of this image is needed.

dick James Richard Wright was my Granddad’s best friend and as such became the godfather of his oldest child, my Mom.

A few years after my Mom’s death, my Dad gave me several items, including her old red photo album and Uncle Dick’s old Navy scrapbook. To my delight, I found in that scrapbook several photos of my newlywed grandparents and also several pictures of my grandparents with Uncle Dick… and my Mom as a newborn! I was thrilled, believe me!

One other item that I found in that Navy scrapbook was a handwritten pedigree chart. Created by Uncle Dick, it shows what I believe was his mother’s line. At the bottom left of the chart is Gertie Lenoir Hunter, Uncle Dick’s mother.

While I am not related to anyone on this chart, it is still a fascinating document. Created before December 1975 (the date of Uncle Dick’s death), the pedigree was written in pencil on plain old graph paper. Remember graph paper? What we used to use in high school, way back before computers came along and did all the work for us?

Dicks pedigree


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