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On Thursday I discussed the problem that I was having with my RSS feed, that I could only see a summary of the post, the first few lines, and not the entire post in my Google Reader. After a lot of research online and some helpful comments by folks who subscribe to my feed, this is what I figured out:

  1. WordPress, my blogging platform, contains a setting where an RSS feed can be set to full text or summary, your choice. This I already knew and mine was set to full text.
  2. Mozilla Firefox, the web browser that I use, apparently automatically cuts off the feed for me only. It is visible in its entirety to everyone else.
  3. If I use FeedBurner to deliver my content, then it will appear as a full text feed to me.

Sounds simple enough, right? Maybe not…

After double-checking my WordPress settings, the feed was still truncated. Fine. All I needed to do was to jog over to FeedBurner and burn my feed there.

Not so simple.

FeedBurner promptly told me that the coding for the feed was incorrect. Uh oh, now what? I know enough HTML and CSS to do some basic stuff and even do some simple changes to a WordPress or Blogger template, but to redo the php coding… way outa my league! (Note to self: time to read up on php).

After a bit of hair-pulling and a few choice expletive deletives, it suddenly occurred to me: change WordPress themes.Duh02

So it was back to my theme directory to find one that would create a proper feed to make FeedBurner happy. (Of note, the original feed was picked up just fine by Google Reader, but not by Google-owned FeedBurner. Hmmmmm…)

Many theme changes and test postings created to check the feed later, I finally settled on this current theme, Very Plain Text.

Then I noticed that my postings weren’t showing up on my Facebook profile. Since the feed had changed, I had to update the Wordbook settings. Then I added a message on Facebook, so everyone would know to re-subscribe to my feeds.

What did I learn from all of this? The photo says it all…


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