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I have been pretty busy the past few days, making some major changes to this site.  A clean, “minimalist” new theme to start. I’m a neat-freak at heart, and sometimes I just have a need to send everything to Goodwill, clear the clutter and enjoy the empty space. The new theme is certainly crisp and clear!

I’m also trying to get ready for the arrival of WordPress 3.0, which is rumored to be coming any day now. From what I have read, the improvements sound pretty exciting! I don’t want a theme with a lot of “extra baggage”, like too many colors and graphics, standing in the way of progress!

Remember all my babbling about what I wanted to do with my immense collection of genealogical images? Well, believe it or not, I’m now back at Flickr! I guess I just wasn’t totally satisfied with Picasa Web Albums. I’m really finicky sometimes, what can I say? Last summer I signed up with Flickr and started uploading my images and then changed my mind again… Anyway, I still have 5 months of paid subscription to Flickr, so… It also occurred to me that Flickr seems to be a much more popular place to house ones’ pix. I really like their sets/collections system, too.

And if I’m not using Picasa Web Albums anymore, then I need a new plugin for the images that I want to display on this site. A Flickr plugin. I tried several gadgets that I found in the WordPress Plugin Directory and after installing, activating, playing with, not liking, de-activating and then deleting them all, I finally settled on Brainbits Fickr Gallery. A very nice way to display a Flickr Photostream as well as the photosets. You can view it on my Welcome page.

A few more behind-the-scenes tune-ups and I’m about ready to get back to GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. But, oh, how I do love to tinker with my site… :)


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