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Monday Madness no more! (or, “…another one bites the dust…”) Part 2

So who was “Copeland”, the 6th (or 7th) husband of my great grandmother, Dovie C McBurnett?

To review, all I know about Copeland is that he was the last husband of Dovie, as evidenced by her death certificate, obituary and headstone:

RubDCopeland DC DovCMcburnett obit DovCMCburnett stone1

I don’t know when or where they were married or if she outlived him or just the opposite, or if she divorced him, as she had at least 2 of her previous husbands.

But I know there had to have been a Copeland. Musta been…


I haven’t done any research on Dovie lately, but my brick walls are always in the back of my mind. I keep my eyes open, just in case…


Last night, I was searching for info on one of the children of my third great-grandfather. Not in my direct line, but I had accidentally come across a mention of her, and subsequently him, while looking for yet another ancestor not related to either:


I reasoned that if I could find a death certificate for Celeste Cline, maybe it would list the names of her parents, John J Davis and Marcellon Lunsford. You see, the problem is with Lunsford’s first name. I have several census entries for her, both as Lunsford and Davis, and with each document, her first name is spelled differently. Considerably differently, in fact. So much so that I really don’t know what her first name was!

I read a few days ago from several genealogy blogs that the FamilySearch Record Search site has recently added a lot of new names and new sources. So that’s where I headed…

(to be continued)