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Amanuensis Monday: J F Kennedy Parole of Honor

John F Kennedy Military #27

I hereby pledge my parole of honor as
a prisoner of war, that I will with out
delay proceed to Chicago, Illinois and will
render my professional services to the officers of
the Confederate Service now prisoners at that place
and will not leave Chicago Illinois nor furnish
any or information to the enemies of the Federal
Government of the United States until duly
J F Kennedy
Surg: 14th Miss Regt

A Bockee Lieut ?? DC U. S. A.

St Louis March 4th 1862


John F Kennedy, MD (10 Jun 1826- 10 Sep 1867) was my third great-granduncle, the oldest of three physician-sons (John, Sydney and Nathan) of John and Harriett Kennedy of Sumter County, Alabama. All three served as surgeons with the Confederacy during the Civil War. Afterwards, Dr Kennedy settled in Lauderdale, Mississippi, where he may have committed suicide in 1867. He is buried at Lauderdale Cemetery.

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Sentimental Sunday: Miles F Stanley II letter

This note was written by my grandfather Miles Francis Stanley II to his then-girlfriend and my grandmother-to-be Charley Belle Rogers:

Susan Pix (44)

June 16, 1933

Dear Kid:

Will be down tomorrow. Don’t know just when but I’ll be there. Donno who I’ll bring. Perhaps Dick Wright. ‘Member him? He’s my pal and th’ only gent in the world who is nearly as big a fool as I am.

Miles Francis Stanley II

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Houston, Texas city directories online!

Just a quick “Did you know”… The Houston Public Library Digital Archives has a nice collection of late-1800′s/early-1900′s Houston City Directories digitalized, online and available as pdf downloads for your viewing and research pleasure!

I just found this site and am currently downloading the 1913 edition in hopes of finding my great-grandfather John T Stanley or my great-grandmother to-be Marie Mistrot Carrico, who were married in Houston in March, 1913.